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Services that Make Us Different

Ski Tuning

You’ve just picked out some excellent brand new ski or snowboard gear. How should you care for it to ensure it performs and behaves like new for years to come? Here at Techno Sport we provide the most up-to-date machinery from Wintersteiger.

Thanks to our Basejet, we can repair extreme damage to the base of your skis or snowboards, by applying a layer of base material to the entire surface that is bonded to the base at a molecular level. This ensures a fill that will not crack or fall out.

From there your gear will take a trip through the crown jewel in our fleet of machines. The Mercury automated base and edge service station allows us to return your gear to its factory edge and structure, or any edge angle and base bevel you would like. Additionally, we can now alter base structure to any shape, depth, width and spacing you desire including thumbprints and chevrons. The ceramic edge discs case harden your edges while sharpening to ensure a longer lasting tune than a traditional hand finish.

Once the Mercury is done with your babies we clean and wax them. You’re all set to shred with gear that performs as well, or better than the day you bought it. Guaranteed.


Race tune   — $75 incl. Base extrusion, blank grind, ceramic disc sharpen (3o/0.5o), structure grind, Hot wax

Full Tune   —   $65 incl. Base extrusion, blank grind, ceramic disc sharpen (2o/1o), structure grind, wax.

Minor Tune   —   $55 incl. Blank grind, ceramic disc sharpen (2o/1o), structure grind, wax.

Base Grind   —   $35 incl. Blank Grind, structure grind

Hot Wax   —   $25 Iron -> Scrape wax -> Brush

Belt Wax   —   $15

Ski, snowboard and binding repairs are priced on a case by case basis.

Boot Fitting

Anyone who’s suffered through a day on the slopes with ill-fitting boots can attest to the significance of a proper boot fit. At Techno Sport we take an immense amount of pride in proper bootfitting. From true sole canting/shaft alignment and shell grinding to shell punches and insole selection, Techno Sport can ensure that your new boots give you the performance and the comfort that even the most judicious enthusiast requires. Techno Sport backs up every pair of boots we sell including snowboard boots, with a fit guarantee. All boot work is free with any pair of recreational boots we sell.


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