Faction Multi-Fit Ski Skins

Faction Multi-Fit Ski Skins

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Made for riders of all abilities, who want a lightweight, packable, easy-to-use skin. This is a universal skin design for all types of terrain and conditions, emphasizing effortlessness of application, touring use, removal, and packing.

Material:65% Mohair - 35% Nylon

Precut: No

Sizing: XS (150cm-160cm), S (160cm-170cm), M (170cm-180cm), L (180cm-190cm)

Product Features:

  • Freeride Mix Mohair for optimal grip in varying snow conditions
  • New Smart Glue for ease of use
  • Waterproof construction with Fiber Seal technology
  • Application range down to -20°
  • K-climp attachment with easy length adjustment strap
  • 10 year spare part guarantee